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Spindle moulder /Shaper

Spindle Moulder / Shaper SM5105


The Spindle moulders (also known as spindle shapers) is considered a larger version of a router table, with more power, and the ability to handle much larger cutters. These machines are much quieter than a router, and have much less vibration, mainly due to the fact that they are belt driven and have slower speeds.
Spindle Moulders can be used to cut much larger profiles than routers and custom made cutters can be readily ordered or fabricated. Spindle Moulders can be modified to perform specialised cuts through the use of a wide variety of accessories such as a sliding table.
Spindle moulders range from simple units with fixed spindles, to high-end units with tilting, interchangeable spindles with reversible capabilities.
With the spindle moulders that do run in reverse, (necessary for performing some cuts). It is very important to always check the position of the directional switch when starting the machine. Feeding a board into a shaper that is turning the wrong direction could result in the board flying away from the machine possibly causing injury.


Model SM5105
Spindle diameter 12.7mm(1/2'')
Spindle travel 25.4mm(1'')
Spindle speed 50Hz: 7000rpm
60Hz: 8500rpm
Main table size 453x395mm
Motor power 750w/1500w
G.W./N.W. 73/62kg
Packing size 640x520x460mm
Units/20'container 165units
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