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Panel saw

Panel saw MJ6232A


1. It is with high precision and high efficiency.

2. Chain-driving prevents cutting from slipping away under heavy load.

3."Schneider" brand electric.

4. Air Floating Worktable is Optional

5. Good metal body composition and perfect painting.


Max.incising length 3150mm
Max.incising thickness 120mm
Main blade motor Power 11kw(standard)/15kw(optional
Outer diameter of main blade Φ400mm
Inner diameter of main blade Φ60mm
Revolving speed of main blade 4260rpm
Outer diameter of secondary blade Φ180mm
Inner diameter of secondary blade Φ30mm
Revolving speed of secondary blade 7000rpm
Cutting speed ≤35m/min
Returning speed 35m/min
Air pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa
Machine outline size 5878x6500x1620mm
Total Power 20.18kw(standard)/24.18kw(optional)
Net weight about4000Kg

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