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Membrane TM2580


1. Key components in the hydraulic pressure system are imported, which is safe and reliable.

2. Technology of vacuum pump is from Germany; its horsepower is strong and seldom breaks down.

3. Operation system uses PLC from Taiwan. The interface is broad. It is easy to learn and convenient to operate, for it is highly automatic.

4. Digitalized currency and voltage display are simple and clear. It uses computerized temperature controller so that the temperature is perfectly managed.


Model TM2580
Exterior size 10030×2230 mm×2150 mm
Working plate size 2580mm×1150/1300 mm(INNNER SIZE)
Maximum plate size 50mm
Rating working pressure Positive press ≤0.5 Mpa
Negative press ≥-0.095Mpa
General Power 34.4kw
Actual power consumption about 12 kw
Weight 9.1 T
Top temperature 150°C
Note : The products updating constantly ,please forgive us do not issuing a seperate notice if there is any designing change.

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