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Membrane TM2480B


1. The electronic part is fully automatic and digitalized control. The key components of electrical system adopt ‘Omron” and “Schneider” brand Others are produced by famous domestic enterprises with good quality. The temperature is controlled by computer chips so that the heating speed is adjustable and the temperature can be perfectly managed.

2. Use infrared heating system and high quality heat preservation material, which can ensure even heating.

3. This machine uses integrated movement electromotor. It produces less noise and seldom breaks down.

4. This machine uses the “ZD” brand vacuum pump which adopt German technology and feature low noise, freedom from pollution and long-time service..

5. Large volume vacuum tank. It charges with double channels so that it can work with strong power. 6. A wealth of optional devices is available, which can extend the performance functions and convenience The follow are magnetic blocks (optional), which width and length are 5cm, high tensile magnet inside. The working table is made of steel plate; it is very convenient to fix the blocks on the table, which surface is skid-resistant to avoid translocation of work piece. The work piece needs a piece of bottom plate, usually we used the MDF, but which is easy to break, remove work piece and fall off wood chips. We can make them up the size we need. this is very convenient


Model TM2480B
Exterior size 8800/5800mm×1500 mm×1400mm
Working plate size 2550mm×1150(1300) mm(INNNER SIZE)
Maximum plate size 50mm
Rating working pressure Negative press ≥-0.095Mpa
General Power 25kw
Actual power consumption about 7 kw
Weight 2.5 T
Top temperature 200°C
Note : The products updating constantly ,please forgive us do not issuing a seperate notice if there is any designing change.

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