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Membrane TM2480


1.The equipment frame is welded with quality steel materials.The force-bearing points are strictly calculated.Without deforamation ,the stability is high.

2.The vacuume pump select Germany famous branded and domestic straight-through vacuum pump which adopt Germany technology and feature low noise,freedom from pollution and long time service.

3.The heating system uses a micro-computer temperature controller ,which can creat automatic control accroading to temperature changes to adjust the heating speed so as to control the temperature accurately.

4.A wealth of optional devices is available which can extend the performance functions and convenience of equipment.


Model TM2480
Exterior size 8800/5800mm×1500 mm×1400mm
Working plate size 2550mm×1150/1300 mm(INNNER SIZE)
Maximum plate size 50mm
Rating working pressure Negative press ≥-0.095Mpa
General Power 23kw
Actual power consumption about 6 kw
Weight 1.7 T
Top temperature 200°C

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